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We have been paragliding for several years. We usually fly in Krasnystaw near Lublin. We train paragliders and perform tandem flights. We also organize trips for pilots to fly in Poland and various parts of the world. Paragliding is our life passion, which we love to share with others.

Arkadiusz Marucha

Instruktor paralotniowy

Paraglider pilot, PPG pilot, PPGG pilot, tandem pilot, paragliding instructor.
I am the founder of and

I started my adventure with paragliding several years ago, and for several years I have been doing it professionally. I have hundreds of hours of documented flight time.

I have always been passionate about mountains and travel, preferably in paragliding.
I love mountain flying, hike&fly, camping flying around the mountains of the world (vol-biv).
I fly with passengers and I am happy to share my knowledge by conducting paragliding training and training trips.

Krzysztof Żelisko

Instruktor paralotniowyParaglider pilot, tandem pilot and paragliding instructor.

I completed my paragliding course in 2012. In 2015 I won the title of Polish Paragliding Champion in the Sport class. In the years 2013 -2015 in Polish cruising competitions I won the highest place on the podium.

In paragliding, I love exploring new places that I probably wouldn’t have access to in any other way and breaking my own limits. The style of flying he prefers is XC in lowland areas and high-altitude flights. I am happy to share my knowledge with new pilots as well as those who want to polish their skills.



Starting your adventure with paragliding is easier than you think. It doesn't matter if you want just a one-time experience or a new life passion.

Tandem flight

Arrange a flight with us. You will have the opportunity to experience extreme sensations in a safe way.

Paragliding training

Sign up for the training, after which you can pass the Paraglider Pilot exam and fly around the world on your own.

Develop your skills

You can practice under our supervision, both on site and on trips

Paragliding trips

As a pilot, you can join us on one of the many paragliding trips in Poland and around the world.

why choose us

We are professionals, we speak English, Spanish, Russian. We will teach you to fly safely on new top-class equipment.

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(+48) 790 380 498
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